playful clowns

The next open workshop for adults is being held from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2016 at Hawkwood College,Painswick Old Road, Stroud, Gloucs, GL6 7QW, England.

To book a place on this workshop, contact Hawkwood College direct on  (+44)01453-759034.

Laughter & Drama Therapy: Mime & Sacred Clown Training, Healing Workshops

Imagine a child rattling a stick along the railings until something catches their eye, a butterfly flutters past. For those few minutes, time seems to stand still and last forever. Sacred Clowning is a journey of self discovery, of healing, of laughter, of joy and learning to let go of expectations and simply be more present in the moment. The clown enters a magical space with an inner stillness, a deep presence and a trust in the unknown, this is healing with unconditional love.

Using Sacred Clowning and laughter therapy, together with mindfulness, reconnect to the joy and simplicity of a childlike innocence.  Fun and interactive workshops, ideal for adults of all ages.

Past students include care workers, teachers, writers, drama students, professional clowns, alternative health practitioners, artists, therapists and psychologists.

The workshops are designed for the student to develop their personal awareness and discover the clown within. They are led by Reuben Kay who teaches clown presence, mime, play, improvisation, the clowns nose, the art of stillness, non-verbal communication, clown poetry, clowning individually, in pairs and in small groups.

Reuben has performed as a Sacred Mime Clown since 1995. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education and currently runs his own workshops in Sacred Clowning.