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Mime and Sacred Clown Training – Emotional Education, Healing Clown Course / Mime Workshop

What is Sacred Clowning?

It is very simple.
By being mindful of our breath, our movement and our thoughts, we bring our attention to this moment, to the here and now.
Whether we are watching summer flowers in the garden or autumn leaves drift down from the trees. Or perhaps we are with a group of people or simply sitting on our own.
By learning to let go of our thinking process and simply being more present, to be more grounded, mindfulness becomes a way of engaging with the world around us and by bringing our attention to the here and now, we bring the possibility of becoming more genuinely focused in a creative way, whether we are meditating, dancing or computer programming.
Thus when we combine creativity, mindfulness and the sacred mime clown, there arises a possibility of creating a magical childlike space. in which to sit still, to play, or to engage with another.
Imagine a child rattling a stick along the railings until something catches their eye, a butterfly flutters past. For those few minutes, time seems to stand still and last forever.
Imagine as the clown enters this magical space with an inner stillness, a deep presence and a trust in the unknown. This is healing with unconditional love.
It is using Sacred Mime Clowning together with mindfulness to reconnect to ourselves the joy and simplicity of a childlike innocence.

What is Mindfulness?

It is an ongoing process of working at being present and needs to be kept alive.
From my personal experience, mindfulness has given me the ability and option of being attentive, to being present, to holding the space inside myself. To feel what is going on, in my mind and my body and when teaching with the group.
From the beginning to the present day, my experiences and perception have slowly deepened my view of sacred mime clowning.
There is more to this than putting on a red nose.
By learning to be more alive in myself, I bring this home to my relationship with my family, my friends, my work colleagues.
My workshops now are more focussed on mindfulness and presence.
For example: I learn to let go of preconceived ideas and slowly adjust to what is. I remind myself, I have the ability in this moment to come home to my breath, to be in my body. To simply arrive and take one step at a time

Future workshops in 2020 in Mime and Sacred Clowning

There will be a one day workshop for mature students (those who have worked with Reuben before) in the county of Surrey. Further details upon application. Date tbc
There will be a two day workshop during Summer 2020,  (date tbc) to be held in the county of Surrey. For more information, contact Reuben directly. This will be non residential and bookings are essential. Free parking is available for hall users.
We will be exploring the art of mindfulness with the sacred clown both in stillness and movement and breathing exercises with presence.
For bookings and general enquiries on workshops, contact Reuben directly via this website.
Please note, for all workshops, there are limited places so it is advisable to book early.

Deepening Our Practise

Workshops for more mature students.
For more information, contact Reuben directly.

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Previously they have been held mainly in England in places such as London, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Birmingham and Berkshire.