Short biography of:
Reuben Kay

Coming from a creative family, Reuben went on to gain a Diploma in the arts, a BA Degree in Fine Arts and a Post Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education (PGCEE).
He began studying with Didier Danthois in 1995 and began performing in street theatre.
From 1996-1998 he entered a three year training ‘The Sacred Clown as Healer’.
From 1999 to 2010, Reuben attended many week long sacred clowning courses with Didier based on bringing the sacred clown as a form of therapeutic clowning into education, health care, performances and retreats. Reuben is also inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn, a Zen Buddhist teacher.

In 1996, he went to Russia to meet and clown with Dr Patch Adams on his then annual clown tour of Moscow and St Petersburg.
The trip changed his life: “It opened up my eyes to the healing potential of the clown.
We clowned in the subway, the under ground, hospitals, homes for the elderly and of course Red Square.
Imagine walking past people sitting in the underground, waiting for their train, in whose eyes languish solitude, love, loneliness, shyness, indifference, and sadness.
Imagine seeing the corner of their mouths lift as you slowly mirror their emotions and slowly they begin to smile.”
In 2004 he began facilitating his own non-residential workshops at various venues and residential at venues such as Claridge House, Hawkwood College and The Ammerdown Centre.
He also facilitates a small support group of dedicated students. He is fully insured and a member of Equity.


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