Clowning Sacred  / Clown Training course

workshop in mime, mindfulness & personal awareness

Mime & Sacred Clown Workshop for adults:

Theme: tbc
Date and cost: Summer tbc.
Description: This non residentail workshop offers a gentle, fun and creative space with the Sacred Mime Clown.

Through a combination of playful theatre exercises and mindful movement. we will explore the beautiful heart space of the Sacred Clown.   We will also explore how to ground ourselves using meditation, mindful movement and acknowledging our warrior side.
By grounding, we are less distracted by drama’s around us within our family, workplace and especially todays national and global news stories. Often we begin to mirror what we see, we move away from our own story, our own myth in being a witness to outside events. We need to be grounded otherwise we can easily lose ourselves in our egoic imagination and project this on to others. Thus by grounding, we can take charge of our own power in a sacred way.
The above workshop will be held in the county of Surrey, further details upon request. Free parking is available for hall users. Lunch is not provided, though there is a kitchen for our use.

Practical information

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear to enable you to move safely.
For bookings and general enquiries on the workshops, contact Reuben via this website.
Please note, there are limited places on all workshops, so it is advisable to book early.

Further information

Sacred Clown Course / Workshop – emotional education & emotional awareness.

The workshops are led by Reuben Kay who teaches the art of mindful communication through presence, mime, play, improvisation, dance, movement, the clowns nose, being still, clown poetry, clowning individually, in pairs and in small groups.
The workshops are designed for the student to develop a sense of presence and personal awareness.
With an emphasis on deepening ones own practice through mindful movement and by giving ourselves space to have a quiet moment. We create the right intention and we may begin to clear away the everyday clutter of the mind thus leading to more clarity. Its an organic approach looking at bringing the sacred flow in our life.
Fun and interactive workshops for adults of all ages and of all faiths and none. For extroverts, introverts and all in between.
Some come for one workshop, others may come for several years gently immersing themselves. For some people the journey of the Sacred Clown is an ongoing learning process. We are able to offer a weekend introductory workshop in Sacred Clowning, a follow up weekend entitled ‘Deepening Our Practice’, a one day workshop and occasionally a four day retreat.
Past students include care workers, teachers, writers, drama students, a fruit farmer, professional clowns, potters, alternative health practitioners, workshop leaders, artists, therapists and professionals in the field of health care such as social workers, nurses, doctors and psychologists.